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Faulk Architects, pc provides expanded design services utilizing state-of-the-art stereolithographic 3-D (physical) modeling tools which provide photorealistic renderings of site and building projects.

Faulk Architects, pc uses 3-D graphic tools to enhance the more traditional 2-D design, allowing the client to view build sections (floors, walls ceilings exteriors) and elevations from a realistic perspective. Issues directly related to the success of the building are worked out and detailed prior to construction.

Original 2-D Site Layout

New 3-D Layout View

Faulk Architects, pc uses 3-D graphic tools to aid in developing the client's concepts from 2-D drawing to full-colored three dimensional graphical perspective.

3D allows views through the walls!

As building concepts are developed, building design may be viewed in, around and even through building structures. This allows for proper fitting of fixtures and equipment and allows the client to try various "what if" scenarios.

3-D design allows for views of details prior and during design processes.

As the design matures, Faulk A+CM further enhances the 3-D design to include details that normally would be left to the client's imagination.


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